Length: 5.1" Height: 4" Width: 3.5" (Inch)

1 Year(s) Free Replacement



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Replacements 18V LINCOLN GREASE GUN BATTERY, 1801,1842,1841
Brand Lincoln
Replacement year 1 YEAR


Sask Batteries Offer The Most Powerful LINCOLN 18 VOLT 2.5AH NIMH Drill Packs Battery In The Industry. Our Products Are Safe, Reliable, And Contain A Minimum Number Of Connections Saving Valuable Time. LINCOLN 18 VOLT 2.5AH NIMH has No Leaks, No Spills, No Water To Check. 100% Of Battery Can Be Recycled To Protect The Environment.

Our Customer Service Staff Will Help You Find The Best Kind Of Drill Packs Batteries. All Goods Are Carefully Packaged Before Shipping. Your Product Will Be Delivered To Your Doorstep.


  • Voltage: 18
  • Capacity: 2.5 Ah
  • Replacements: 18V LINCOLN GREASE GUN BATTERY 1801,1842,1841
  • Free Replacement Year :1 Year


  • Individual Cell Monitoring
  • Battery Protection Circuit
  • Low-Temperature Performance


  • The Battery Must Be FULLY Charged Before First Use.
  • The Battery Is Stored In A Cool And Dry Place.
  • Do Not Separate
  • Do Not Put Into Water And Fire.
  • Keep Away From Children.
  • Keep Away From Children.


Ryobi BPL-1815
Ryobi BPL-1820G
Ryobi BPL18151
Ryobi BPL1820
Ryobi P102
Ryobi P103
Ryobi P104
Ryobi P107
Ryobi BID-1801M
Ryobi BID-180L
Ryobi BID1821
Ryobi BIW180
Ryobi CAD-180L
Ryobi CAG-180M
Ryobi CAP-1801M
Ryobi CCC-1801M
Ryobi CCC-180L
Ryobi CCD-1801
Ryobi CCG-1801M
Ryobi CCG-180L
Ryobi CCS-1801/DM
Ryobi CCS-1801/LM
Ryobi CCS-1801D
Ryobi CCS-1801LM
Ryobi CCW-180L
Ryobi CDA-18021B
Ryobi CDA1802
Ryobi CDA18021B
Ryobi CDA18022B
Ryobi CDA1802M
Ryobi CDC-181M
Ryobi CDI-1802
Ryobi CDI-1802M
Ryobi CDI-1803
Ryobi CDI-1803M
Ryobi CDL1802P4
Ryobi CFA-180M
Ryobi CFP-180FM
Ryobi CFP-180S
Ryobi CFP-180SM
Ryobi CHD-1801M
Ryobi CHI-1802M
Ryobi CHP-1802M
Ryobi CHV-180L
Ryobi CHV-18WDM
Ryobi CID-1802M
Ryobi CID-1803L
Ryobi CID-1803M
Ryobi CID-182L
Ryobi CID-183L
Ryobi CJS-180L
Ryobi CJS-180LM
Ryobi CJSP-1801QEOM
Ryobi CJSP-180QEO
Ryobi CJSP-180QEOM
Ryobi CMD-1802
Ryobi CMD-1802M
Ryobi CMI-1802
Ryobi CMI-1802M
Ryobi CML-180M
Ryobi CNS-1801M
Ryobi CNS-180L
Ryobi CP-180M
Ryobi CPD-1800
Ryobi CPL-180M
Ryobi CRA-180M
Ryobi CRH1801
Ryobi CRO-180M
Ryobi CRP-1801
Ryobi CRP-1801/DM
Ryobi CRP-1801D
Ryobi CRS 1803
Ryobi CRS-180L
Ryobi CSL-180L
Ryobi CSS-1801M
Ryobi CSS-180L
Ryobi CST-180M
Ryobi CTR-180L
Ryobi CW-1800
Ryobi LCD1802
Ryobi LCD18021B
Ryobi LCD18022B
Ryobi LCD1802M
Ryobi LCS-180
Ryobi LDD-1802
Ryobi LDD-1802PB
Ryobi LDD1801PB
Ryobi LDD1802PB
Ryobi LFP-1802S
Ryobi LRS-180
Ryobi OBL-1801
Ryobi OCS-1840
Ryobi OGS-1820
Ryobi OHT-1850
Ryobi OLT-1830
Ryobi OPS-1820
Ryobi ORS-1801
Ryobi OWD-1801M
Ryobi P200
Ryobi P2000
Ryobi P2002
Ryobi P201
Ryobi P203
Ryobi P204
Ryobi P206
Ryobi P2060
Ryobi P208B
Ryobi P210
Ryobi P2100
Ryobi P2102
Ryobi P2105
Ryobi P211
Ryobi P220
Ryobi P221
Ryobi P230
Ryobi P234G
Ryobi P236
Ryobi P240
Ryobi P2400
Ryobi P241
Ryobi P246
Ryobi P250
Ryobi P2500
Ryobi P2600
Ryobi P2603
Ryobi P271
Ryobi P300
Ryobi P301
Ryobi P310
Ryobi P3200
Ryobi P3300
Ryobi P3310
Ryobi P340
Ryobi P400
Ryobi P410
Ryobi P420
Ryobi P430
Ryobi P500
Ryobi P501
Ryobi P506
Ryobi P510
Ryobi P514
Ryobi P520
Ryobi P521
Ryobi P522
Ryobi P530
Ryobi P540
Ryobi P570
Ryobi P600
Ryobi P610
Ryobi P631K
Ryobi P650
Ryobi P700
Ryobi P701G
Ryobi P703
Ryobi P704
Ryobi P710
Ryobi P711
Ryobi P715
Ryobi P716
Ryobi P730
Ryobi P731
Ryobi P740
Ryobi P741
Ryobi P780
Ryobi P813
Ryobi P835
Ryobi ZRP813


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