3.6V Lithium D Cell

Length: 1.4" Height: 2.46" Width: 1.4" (Inch)



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VOLTAGE 3.6 Volt
Diameter (mm) 34.2


Lithium D CELL ER34615 3.6v Lithium Battery 19000mAh (Non-rechargeable batteries, They can’t contact the power when you use the batteries, also can’t instead of the 1.2V,1.5V Battery ).  Pay attention: they can’t contact the power when you use the batteries)Long shelf life: at least 10 years.  Superior operation in low and high-temperature environments(-55 to +85 degrees).

Brand Name: Tenergy

Model Number: Li D Cell

Key Technical Data

  • Brand Name: PKCELL
  • Model Number: ER34615
  • Battery Type: LiSOCl2
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Size: D
  • Nominal Capacity: 19000mAh
  • Operate temperature: -55℃+85℃
  • Type: Energy type
  • Weight: 3.77 oz.
  • Battery Height: 2.42 inch; Diameter:1.33 inch
  • Work for Orbita Sparta watch winder, Memory backup: E.L.T(Emergency Locator Transmitter) CMOS memory, RTC(real time clock) and computer backup


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